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华丽志 Luxe.Co 是致力于联结全球时尚创新、赋能中国品牌成长的商业财经媒体与信息服务平台。自2013年创办以来,《华丽志》始终以开阔的全球视野、严谨的专业态度,面向数百万海内外精英读者,源源不断地提供全球奢侈品、时尚和生活方式领域的品牌创新资讯、创业投资案例、公司财务数据以及细分行业研究报告,是全方位、深度连接时尚、金融和科技力量的信息聚合和跨界交流平台。2015~2019年,华丽志每年举办中国唯一聚焦时尚和生活方式领域的创业大赛——InnoBrand;并连续五年成功举办“全球时尚创新与投资论坛”。


Luxe.CO is leading the change of China’s luxury, fashion and lifestyle industry with integrated products and services ranging from media, consulting, education to start-up accelerator and boutique investment banking.

Over the past six years, the app and website of Luxe.CO have become the most trustworthy source of information and knowledge base for millions of fashion-related entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, opinion leaders and high-end consumers.

Since 2015, Luxe.CO has successfully hosted “Global Fashion Innovation and Investment Forum” in Beijing, New York, London and Milan. , for more details, please visit forum.luxe.co.


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